Our mission

  • In the light of national and international comparisons and researches with internal and external stakeholders, by creating information, policies and systems;
  • To support the sustainable development of our industry by providing innovative services that add high value to industrial companies;
  • It is to direct the industrial infrastructure and climate positively by glorifying the image of the industrialist and contributing to the decision-makers in the formation and implementation of legislation.

Our Vision

As an effective stakeholder that directs the industrial climate, it is to become an organization that develops the Turkish industry on a global scale by increasing the sustainable competitiveness and competencies of our industrial companies.

Our Corporate Values

Istanbul Chamber of Industry; is a transparent, participatory, consistent, reliable, committed, realistic and innovative organization that considers universal ethical values, social responsibility and environmental awareness in all its activities.

Our Quality Policy

Istanbul Chamber of Industry, considering the public conscience; requests from its members, within the framework of the duties and responsibilities given to it by law and related legislation, customer expectations are complete, accurate and timely; objective and reliability.


As one of the most important representatives of the Turkish private sector in the national and international arena, Istanbul Chamber of Industry aims to provide a dynamic and proactive structure that can meet the needs that may arise in order to sustain its corporate presence and the claim of representing the private sector in the changing world conditions and to increase the competitiveness of its members. in this context;

  • To review its mission and policies regularly with the idea of ​​continuous improvement,
  • Setting new targets, making plans for them, and allocating the necessary resources to implement these plans,
  • To develop new functions, tasks and products in accordance with the requirements of the age, taking into consideration the demands from its customers,
  • To develop its technological infrastructure in order to be an institution that quickly reaches, processes and distributes information,
  • To ensure the development, employment and satisfaction of human resources, which it considers as the most important factor in determining the quality of the service it produces,
  • To provide a work environment where teamwork is emphasized and individual and group achievements are encouraged,
  • To set an example to the public and other institutions and organizations with the mission and quality of the service it undertakes.

and to ensure the continuity of all these with an “ISO Service Institution” understanding that can be realized together with its employees and customers.

Communication Policy

Using the internet, social media and electronic broadcasting effectively in addition to traditional media tools in order to spread the recognition of the Istanbul Chamber of Industry, deepen its awareness and make it an agenda that is not following the agenda, the level of participation of the institution in written and visual media to quantitatively raise, diversify the news, and effectively share the information produced in the institution with the public, including members, and all relevant stakeholders.

Information Technology Policy

  • To meet the technological needs of our room by using continuously developing technologies,
  • For this purpose, to follow all changes and innovations without interruption, at the same time to implement,
  • To ensure the information security of our Chamber by continuously improving the information security management process,
  • With its strong corporate infrastructure, it aims to produce fast, effective and high quality service at world standards for our members and employees.

Our Human Resources Policy

Our Human Resources Policy, within the framework of our principle of ensuring the development, employment and satisfaction of our human resources, which we consider as the most important factor in determining the quality of the service we produce with our vision of developing Turkish Industry on a global scale by increasing the sustainable competitiveness and competencies of industrialists;


  • Considering the suggestions and expectations,
  • Encourage them to create innovative business ideas,
  • Cares about the approaches strengthening its loyalty,
  • Considering the development of private life as well as business life,
  • Work satisfaction and high motivation to create the necessary infrastructure to perform their duties
  • aims to manage with a corporate perspective.

Fiscal Policy

To ensure the correct and efficient use and evaluation of the financial resources of the Chamber, and to ensure that financial practices and reporting are conducted and recorded in accordance with the relevant legislation and generally accepted accounting principles, taking into account the risks that may be encountered in a fair, objective and transparent manner.

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